Wednesday, April 14

palahniuk book covers

who says you need words on the cover?

(cover and spine)

(cover only)

both covers designed by rodrigo corral.

--brian eno

Thursday, April 8

PROJECT 4 :: blog requirements

very similar to project two (and three, for that matter). this will count as part of your process grade. please remember to label all posts. unlabeled posts will not be reviewed.

  • initial brainstorming on subject matter, including final book choices
  • selection of a concept(s) to move forward with
  • thumbnail sketches, plans, lists, etc
  • initial mock-ups you showed for process crit
  • final set of portfolio pics
  • writing and reflection on what you're learning throughout the process

PROJECT 4 :: portfolio images

after creating your mock-ups, shoot a set of thoughtful and well-crafted photos of your project. consider all the elements we covered in the portfolio talk.

make sure all of those images are consistently color-correct, well composed, and reflect your opinions of what a good portfolio shot should be.

edit your set down to five (or maybe more) of the strongest images and place in a multi-page indesign document, sized 1024x768. that's in the "page size" dropdown box when you start a new document.

go to file > export and make a screen-resolution pdf. you can use the default settings for "smallest file size" at this point.

name your pdf file "lastname_image_bookcovers.pdf" and place it in my CAS dropbox.

PROJECT 4 :: final crit

final critique will consist of the following process

quick group overview of all books
presenting your work to the "client" for approval (3 minutes max)
- make a case for why your covers are the best choice
- discuss whatever you want and structure it as you like, whatever is effective
showing your portfolio photographs via the projector (2 minutes max)
peer feedback (5 minutes)

this should end up taking two hours max for 10 students, 1.5 hours max for 6 students.

Sunday, April 4

PROJECT 4 :: reading

an e-reserve is available on the library website under the course reserves section on the lower-right area of the page. search by instructor name, find the image course and it's the only reading in there. you'll have to enter your student i.d. and campus code, and use the not-so-secret password "image". the reading is called "Pathways of Fulfillment: Photography and Celebrity" by stuart ewen. it's good.

reading responses and discussion should go here in the comments. argue away!