Tuesday, January 26


critique will follow this format:

  • you will respond to one of your peer's projects, interpreting it and making sense of what you see. you are basically thinking out loud here.
    - is it interesting upon first glance?
    - what makes you want to keep looking at it, if anything?
    - what does it mean?
    - what kind of mood or persona do you get from it?
    - what is it telling you about this person?
    - address also the level of care in making the images themselves as well as the construction of the piece. 
  • the rest of the class will then have a few minutes to share any differing responses or interpretations to the work.
  • the designer will then discuss their intentions in making the images. this will give us an idea of the distance between designer's intent and audience reception. the designer of the piece should explain
    - why each image fits into its respective sign category,
    - why the particular symbol was chosen,
    - anything significant that was learned through this process.

Monday, January 18


in class:
- review syllabus
- get to know each other in some awkward fashion
- receive project one; discuss
- basic semiotics lecture
- get your photographin' on!


use this community space to link up projects, websites, and the like that are about image making. of particular interest are photography sites / photographs (both design and art-related), imagery in relation to type, unusual techniques/processes, technical stuff, etc, etc.

we will try to look at these on a regular basis so everyone is nicely up-to-date with the contemporary imagemaking landscape.


all project descriptions, objectives, specifications and deadlines will be posted here. it is your responsibility to check regularly for important updates, new assignments and topical references.

i intend the blog to function as an ongoing dialog and extension beyond the classroom. if you have project-specific questions that arise outside of class please ask. everyone is welcome to reply and i will respond on/before online hours or in class.

required readings and discussion topics are provided to clarify and expand your knowledge of issues addressed in studio and design in general. we will discuss these either as a class or you will be asked to post responses to this blog.

visual & creative inspiration abounds online and i encourage you to embark upon serendipitous or purposeful surfing. once you find something relevant to this class that is share-worthy post it to "find+share".

occasionally i will assign an online crit in order to provide an alternative forum for classroom feedback and collaborative effort.

if those reasons aren't enough to get involved, remember, your online presence does count toward your online participation grade. i evaluate post quality and quantity, which is factored into individual project grades under the "process" and "participation" sections.