Wednesday, May 5

reviews and final week classes

several of you have asked about what i'm requiring of you for monday's review. i simply ask that you use your editorial skills/best judgement in selecting one or two (or more?!) of your strongest image projects. you want to show off your strongest, most professional design concepting and form-making skillz, so choose wisely. feel free to talk with me about your decision if you are having problems making selections.

final week class schedule:
monday may 10: section II no class, due to reviews
wed may 12: section I and II no class
fri may 14: section I and II, attendance required at mccoy workshop presentation, 1:00 to 2:20 or 3:30, as your finals schedule permits

Monday, May 3

project 5 :: final crit requirements

final critique will consist of the following process

presenting a narrated slideshow of your work (3 minutes max). the slideshow will consist of portfolio-quality shots of your project.
- verbal presentation should complement the visuals and be sequenced appropriately
- discuss at least the following three project objectives:
-- how the still and moving images are related and how they communicate differently, formally and/or conceptually
-- how you composited/montaged images to manipulate/create new meaning
-- how your images are used thoughtfully in relation to text & other design elements

showing physical artifacts (posters, book covers, dvd covers)

peer feedback (10 minutes max)

place your acrobat or keynote presentation files in my CAS dropbox, labeled as "image_proj5_lastname_lastname.pdf".

ALSO, don't forget i'm still checking blogs for evidence of your process, so be posting that. it will count toward a good chunk of your process grade.