Sunday, February 21


all images for the "seven virtues / seven sins" project need to be made in-camera. we will deal more with compositing in the last two projects.

Friday, February 19


on wednesday feb 24 at 1:00pm, both sections will be at rush wade/2 photography studio. check out their site so you have a good idea of what they do.

we will leave our studio at 12:40, so section 1 needs to be here before that, so we're all prepared. we will divide people up into cars at that time.

2010 mcgee st in the crossroads
north on main to 20th st,
right on 20th st,
3 blocks to mcgee,
right on mcgee


Tuesday, February 16


your "constructed image" project crit will consist of sticky note comments pointing out the following criteria:
  • strongest and weakest formal elements
  • strongest and weakest conceptual elements
  • strongest and weakest craft issues

after this session, each student will have a couple of minutes to present their work, clearly and specifically stating how you dealt with the following criteria:
  • creative image-making that describes an individual through indexes and symbols
  • manipulation of composition, cropping, color, and lighting to affect image meaning and perception
lastly, tell us what you learned through making this project.

Thursday, February 11


at this point in your sophomore year you should be painfully aware of the value of brainstorming, iterations, and lateral thinking. i'm sure you've had plenty of past requirements for all of those sorts of activities. those same processes you employ in other classes obviously apply across the board and are expected in this class.

speaking generally, the quantity of ideas i've seen so far this semester has been below what i would normally expect from committed, self-motivated students. i will encourage and try to motivate you, because that is part of my job, but ultimately the amount of effort expended is up to you and is a direct reflection of your motivation to make quality work. putting a required number on iterations is of little value, except to set a general bar of expectations. you all should know the expectation is "a lot" in general.

work quality has been fairly solid so far, so congratulations on that. i know you all are "those who remain" in this department, and i applaud your perseverance.  the final concepts have been pretty good, so definitely keep pushing forward on that front. just know that quality is directly proportional to quantity -- the more ideas you have, the more likely you are to have on that is awesome. it's not a guarantee, but a probability.

so put in a lot and get out a lot. it's your education and i hope you take great advantage of it.

Wednesday, February 3


here are a few things that have come up in class that are worth pondering
  • think laterally! collect a huge range of possible things to include in your image
  • can you make a quick prototype to test out some ideas? throw some things together and start shooting...
  • should this be 2d, 3d, somewhere in between, or both?
  • don't forget the possibilities of using symbols. indexes are easy to come by
  • get the obvious stuff out of the way so you can get to other ideas
  • how does switching out the quote change the situation?

Tuesday, February 2


for this project, i'd like to see the following process work:
  • your chosen person, their name, quote, and other relevant info about them.
  • initial ideas of indexes and symbols (could be lists, thumbnails, found imagery, writing, etc)
  • a good representation of your photographic sketches -- initial setup, attempts, revisions, semi-finals, finals, etc.
  • any other work that informs this project.

Monday, February 1


the brief for project two is on the right sidebar. check it out and get started with research for next class. post your thoughts and decisions to your blog. do "type image message" reading.