Monday, March 1


very similar to project two
  • initial brainstorming on subject matter
  • selection of a concept(s) to move forward with
  • thumbnail sketches, plans, lists, etc
  • initial photo studies / planning sketches
  • refined photos
  • final set of seven images
  • writing and reflection on what you're learning throughout the process
recording process is important because it forces you to reflect on what you've done (quantity and quality of work) and enables you to learn from the insights you gain. much of your process documentation to date has been poor and i expect more diligence in this area, as it is part of each project grade.


Julie Sikonski said...

Check this out, Tyler.

Think you'll get a kick out of it:

Julie Sikonski said...

PS: They're the seven deadly sins, Mr. Potato Head style. . . If you couldn't tell.

thenewprogramme said...

pretty awesome!